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FKI June Newsletter Preview: Go Kart Driving Tips – Fast Corners


Having just returned from the Indy 500, it felt as good a time as any to discuss how to approach and maximize fast corners.  In addition, I have just recently finished coaching some drivers including some lead-following in the go karts and realized fast corners are a common area that is challenging many drivers.  Fast corners are tricky not only because of their sheer speed and intimidation factor, they also requires precise timing.  Consequently, after following drivers on practice nights for many years and from my recent coaching experiences there seems to be three basic errors that many drivers make when it comes to negotiating fast corners.  These errors actually conspire to reduce your confidence making the process of conquering fast corners a vicious psychological circle.  Once these errors are addressed and rectified, fast corners actually seem easier and more comfortable to negotiate even as you start going faster and faster.

To wet your appetite, I have included a link to an interesting video sent to me by one of my subscribers regarding Schumacher and fast corners (Click here to see the video).  Pay particular attention to the data segment of the video.  I’ll explain how to translate what you learn in the video to your own driving on the track…

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