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About FKI

FIRESTONEKARTINFO is a subscription based, electronic, monthly newsletter that covers the full spectrum of karting.  The mission of this newsletter is not to just tell you what to do to your kart but why so you can become a faster, more knowledgeable karter.  (To see an article preview, scroll down to the CATEGORIES Tab below left and click on the subject you are interested in.)  To give you a better feel for the newsletter, here is a complete listing of what FIRESTONEKARTINFO covers:

Free Trial Issue

  • New Karters Intro
  • How To: Buy a Kart
  • Chassis Tuning – Quick Change Caster Setup
  • Driving Tips – Rubens and Testing
  • Chassis Tuning – Rain Set Up
  • Prep Tip: Quick Release Pin


  • Kart Budget
  • What Tools Do You Need
  • Caster Technical Findings

September 2010

  • Bonus Article – Talking Axles with Jeff Braun
  • Chassis Tuning – Axles
  • Driving Tips – The Art of Racing in the Rain
  • Getting on the Track for the First Time
  • How To:  Change Axles
  • Chassis Tuning – Caster
  • Prep Tip: Scribe Axle for Quicker Changes

October 2010

  • Driving Tips – Learn a Track in 3 Laps
  • How To: Use a Setup Sheet
  • Give Feedback to Go Faster
  • Chassis Tuning – Ride Heights
  • Prep Tip: Cutting Zip Ties so They Don’t Cut You

November 2010

  • Tires 101 & Beyond
  • Driving Tips – Wait to Go Faster
  • Seat Placement & You
  • How To:  Mount a Seat
  • Prep Tip – Mounting a Transponder on a Sealed Sidepod

December 2010

  • Tuning with Tires
  • Rain Test Debrief
  • How To: Dismount & Mount Kart Tires
  • Chassis Tuning – Seat Position
  • Prep Tip – Sick Fuel Line Routing

January 2011

  • Go Kart Annual Checkup
  • How to Train for Karting – Part 1
  • Chassis Tuning – CIK Bumper
  • Driving Tip & Drill – How to Drive Your Own Race
  • Prep Tip – Hub Bolts

February 2011

  • Myth Busters – Toe In
  • Form a Multi-Kart Team to Improve Race Weekend Performance
  • How To – Properly Align Your Go Kart
  • Data Acquisition – Getting Started
  • Prep Tip: Tie Rod Ends


March 2011

  • Tune to Where You Are Going, Not Where You Have Been
  • Driving Tip & Drill – Braking
  • How to Train for Karting – Part 2 Med Ball
  • Using Data Analysis to Pick a Gear
  • Prep Tip:  Clean Clutch Cable Routing


April 2011

  • Chassis Tuning – Steering Shaft
  • Engine Tuning – How to Read a Plug
  • How a Proper Test Procedure Will Help Your Racecraft
  • How To: Switching to Stock Honda
  • Prep Tip:  EZ Clip


May 2011

  • What’s it like to Drive Indy?  You may know more than you think.
  • Chassis Tuning – Low, Medium, High Grip Baseline Set-Ups
  • SwedeTech Corner – Tag Tips
  • Engine Tuning – How to Read Your Piston
  • Prep Tip:  ProSpeed Components’ Perimeter Throttle Kit


June 2011

  • Ride Heights Re-visited: Rake vs. Roll Center?
  • Driving Tips: Fast Corners
  • Chassis Tuning/Driving Tip: Qualifying
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – ICC Jetting
  • Prep Tip:  Fuel Tank Decal


July 2011

  • Chassis Tuning – Hubs
  • Driving Tip – The Warm-Up Lap
  • Engine Tuning – Optimizing Your Chain
  • Prep Tip – Race Prep Checklist
  • Kart Tool of The Month – Chain Alignment Tool


August 2011

  • Chassis Tuning – Torsion Bars
  • Driving Around The Problem
  • Chassis Tuning – Are the Front & Rear Of Your Kart Working Together?
  • Editorial – When Should You Start Racing?
  • Prep Tip – Premix Storage Bottle

September 2011

  • Driving Tip – Loading The Corner
  • Chassis Tuning – Setting Race Tire Pressures
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – Don’t Race For Points!
  • Data Analysis – Chassis Tuning
  • Prep Tip – Tire Gauge

October 2011

  • Chassis Tuning – Camber
  • How To – Bleed Reservoir Style Brakes
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – Rule Book
  • How To Prepare For a New Track
  • Kart Tool of the Month – Catch Cans

November 2011

  • Chassis Tuning – Track Widths
  • How To – Rebuild a Brake Caliper
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – Optimizing the Basics
  • Track Review – SuperNats 2010
  • Kart Tool of The Month – Perfect Impact Wrench

December 2011

  • Evolution of A Set-Up/SuperNats XV Debrief
  • How To:  Spotlisize Your Kart
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – Dyno Numbers
  • Picking a Gear To Find Those Last Few Tenths
  • Prep Tip – Re-surfacing Your Brake Discs

January 2012

  • Chassis Tuning – Toe vs. Ackerman
  • Driving Tip – The Art of Passing
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – EGT
  • How To: Use Sniper Pills
  • Prep Tip/Kart Tool of the Month: Taping Axle Set Screws

February 2012

  • Driving Tip – What Is Bind?
  • Chassis Tuning – Advanced Seat Tuning
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – Pumparound Troubleshooting
  • How To:  Use Seat Mounting Tool
  • Kart Tool of The Month – Seat Mounting Tool

March 2012

  • Driving Tip/Reader Request – How To Tell If Your Kart’s Handling Well
  • Chassis Tuning – Bumpers
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – Troubleshooting Clutch Kart Engines
  • Rdr Rqst:  Mastering the Launch
  • Prep Tip:  Side Pod Sleeves

April 2012

  • Chassis Tuning – Stable or Free – Which is Quicker?
  • Driving Tip:  Mastering The Rolling Start
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – Troubleshooting Clutch Kart Engines II
  • Track Review:  PKRA
  • Prep Tip:  Chain Lengthening Tip

May 2012

  • Chassis Tuning – Floor Pan
  • Driving Tip – Charging Corners
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – Moto Troubleshooting
  • How To: Change Axle With Collars
  • Prep Tip – Shade Tires

June 2012

  • Chassis Tuning/Product Test – Factory v. Doug Low Volume
  • Chassis Tuning – Air or Nitrogen
  • SwedeTech’s Corner –  Stock Moto Tips
  • Driving Tip – Brake or Roll The Corners
  • Prep Tip of The Month – Hub Creep

July 2012

  • Myth Busters: Factory vs. Aftermarket Seat
  • How To:  Bleed Reservoir Style Brakes
  • SwedeTech’s Corner – Building a Jet Chart
  • Driving Tip – Be Smooth & Consistent
  • Prep Tip – Shift Lever Maintenance

August 2012

  • Reader Request:  Relationships between Axle Lengths, Flex etc.
  • How To:  Change Your Top End
  • SwedeTech’s Corner –
  • Watch Tuning Relationships
  • Kart Tool of the Month – Bux Circlip Tool

Plus much, much more including editorials based on 25+ years of professional autoracing and karting experience that will not find anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for?  Click on the Subscribe Here icon today!